Split Bills

Although this is not the right thing to do during the first dates, you should consider it after establishing a relationship. Fairness is very important in a relationship where the woman is richer than the man. So, if you cohabit, discuss about splitting the bills. Each partner should have bills to pay at the end of the month. And, if your girlfriend wants to do something that you can’t afford, always let her know.

Be the Man

Just because the woman you are dating is richer than you doesn’t mean you have to be treated or behave like a baby. You should also not feel like you are her burden. Instead, play the role of a traditional man and lead. For instance, be responsible for opening doors and planning dates. Also be the decision maker in the relationship. A rich or successful woman gets into a relationship with a man that can help in celebrating her success. Thus, she doesn’t want a man that she will always defend.

Never Settle for Anything Less

You don’t have to be treated like you are being helped just because your date has more money than you. Care and standards can’t be equated to cents and dollars. There are many things that can be bought with money but not respect. Therefore, don’t let your woman translate her financial power into relationship power. Don’t allow her to call shots all the time or make unilateral decisions simply because she is paying.

Basically, you don’t have to feel like a lesser man when you date a richer woman. Follow these tips for dating a woman richer than you and you will have a successful relationship.  

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