Providing adult entertainment is not easy. It requires skills, experience, and special attributes. Today, there are many escorts that double up as strippers in Las Vegas. If you wish to hire strippers for your club or event, it’s important to look for models with the right qualities. Here are some of the attributes of the best strippers.


The best adult entertainers practice their dance moves to stay flexible. They are confident dancers that know the right moves for different songs. It may be a cliché but it’s true that practice makes perfect. Ideally, the best adult entertainer takes time to watch videos of other dancers for inspiration and then practice to perfect her craft. What’s more, they conduct research to stay at the top of the latest dance trends.

No Drugs

Some people assume that for a woman to work as a stripper, she must use drugs. That’s because they think that clubs are places where people use drugs like meth and heroin. However, this is not true. Drugs are actually prohibited in the best clubs. Staffs are fired in some clubs when caught using drugs. Additionally, using drugs leads to an expensive and addictive habit. This is not good for the bottom line of the entertainer.

Cover Job

The best entertainer understands the need for a cover job when it comes to overcoming the social stigma that is associated with what she does in clubs. A cover job protects her from violent and harsh criticism from friends, family, and other people. This job can be part-time with a significantly low pay. Nevertheless, it keeps the model protected from the harm she is likely to suffer when away from the stage.


Some clients are tempted to touch beautiful strippers inappropriately. Others try to pull them from the stage by force. As such, these entertainers should be careful. Though the audience pays for the entertainment the models provide, they don’t have the right to harass them sexually. Therefore, though clubs have security, the best entertainers are keen to ensure their own security.

Every job has its challenges. Being an adult entertainer requires a lady to have a thick skin. That’s because the audience in the club can be harsh towards the entertainer. There are also times when these models are rejected and even yelled at. As such, an escort that wants to establish her career as a las vegas strippers should be ready to face and overcome challenges.