Do you know that you can satisfy your partner with masturbation and still not lose her completely? Have you ever been with a woman for long enough and she is so turned on that she wants to have sex with you? Or if you are a little older, then you know that some men just want to masturbate and nothing else. But if you can learn how to satisfy your partner with masturbation, then it can give you the power over her orgasm.

If your trying to make love and you can’t get her totally satisfied then she will not enjoy making love with you. Women take longer to reach orgasm than men and this is why men tend to masturbate more often. And if you are masturbating with your penis then it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with her, as your penis won’t be doing any work. Your body will just be getting stimulated from the sheer tension on it.

Learning how to make love with your hand is a very important lesson to learn. You can use your fingers and lips to pleasure your partner and help her climax in ways that only your fingers can do. Use your tongue on her clitoris and experiment with licking it. The best way is to masturbate while your partner is sitting and watch her reaction. Once you start pleasing her with your hand, then you will see that she will enjoy it and you can go even faster.

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